If you’re an “anti-feminist” then I hope you realize what you’re standing for. Because this is what you’re standing against:

feminism (noun) - the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.


These are just SOME of the facts.

1. Women make up 51% of America’s population, but only 18.5% of the 2014 US Congress.

2. In regard to women’s representation in national legislatures or parliaments, the US is ranked 69th in the world.

3. Fourteen countries have democratically elected women to lead their governments. None of them are the US.

4. In many of the major corporations in the US today, there is little to no women representation on their boards. In 2013 it was found that, for the eighth year in the row, there was no significant change in this number.

5. In 2011, women directed 5% of the top grossing films in Hollywood. This number has actually decreased since 1998.

6. In the 84 years of the Academy Awards, only four women have been nominated for best director. Only one has ever won.

7. Currently women only hold 2.8% of Fortune 500 CEO roles and 3.3% of Fortune 1000 CEO roles.

To those who believe feminism is “stupid”, “unnecessary” or that women in the US have it better than women in other countries so it “doesn’t even matter”, I hope this makes you think.


Center for the Study of Women in TV and Film, The White House Project, and more